Sophia Smith

Instructor/Urban Farmcraft



University of Vermont

Elementary Education and a minor in Special Education


What types of outdoor experiences inspired you into an interest in nature and nature based education?

I worked the summer at a farm and wilderness camp then I hiked the long trail which is a trail that goes through the whole state of Vermont.


Have you ever had a “close call” in nature whether with an animal or with the environment?

I got a stick stuck in my arm in a foreign country but I would say that was more my fault then the environment.


How many countries/states/national parks have you traveled to?

I have traveled a decent amount and dream of hiking the Appalachian and pacific crest trail.


What do you enjoy most about teaching?

I love making connections with my students and helping people feel confident and safe in a space.


Do you believe that what we do is contributing to saving our environment or our species and if so how?

Connecting people with the earth is vital in helping to save it as people won’t attempt to help or save something they have no connection to.


Describe your relationship with nature and how it has changed over your life.

I feel as though I have the relationship to nature I had as a child where everything feels just magic. 


What environment have you spent the most time in or which do you enjoy the most?

I was a competitive swimmer most of my life so you can always find me in some body of water.


Which environment would you like to spend more time in?

I would love to spend more time backpacking and exploring the trails on the West Coast.