Youth Classes

Fox Walkers

Teen Rites of Passage

In this full school year program students meet one weekend per month to go camping with a team of highly skilled outdoor instructors. During the year students learn skills like knife safety, friction fire, shelter building, tracking, archery, plant identification and more! The program has an intense focus on teamwork and leadership skills that build confidence, and help students prepare for adulthood with empathy and inclusivity.


Grades 9-12

Not your typical summer camp... out truly unique summer experiences for teenagers challenge them to build confidence and independence as the approach adulthood. They learn teamwork, self reliance, and compassion through outdoor adventure and traditional skills classes. We offer two different camp paths. Village Camp and Expedition Camp, each with it's own way of inspiring and encouraging our students to become successful. 


Due to the current condition of the pandemic in the state of California and specifically in Alameda County, we are postponing our adult classes until they can be consistently offered in a safe and healthy way for all of our students. Our earliest predictions for resuming classes for adults is Spring and Summer 2021. 

We can still offer custom programming for groups or pods of 8 or more. Before planning a custom program please consider that each member of your group will need to be tested and have up to date results by 3 days before the start date of the program. Once tested, each group member is asked to have no unmasked, un-distanced contact with anyone between testing and the start of the program. The health and safety of our staff and students is our number one priority. To plan a custom program please contact us at

Below is a list of our commonly offered courses for you to browse so you can be prepared to enroll once registration opens again... hope to see you sll sooner rather than later! 

Love- The BOWS staff.

BOWS is a queer owned and operated business. We welcome students of all race, nationality, sex, gender, religion, sexual preference, relationship style, age, and ability. Nature is for everyone.

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